Serving the community since 1973...

A.C. Nelson has been providing top quality surplus electrical products and dependable electrical contracting services to satisfied customers for over 30 years. We are based in the bustling commercial-industrial hub of Port Kells, B.C. - actually just across the tracks in the northwest corner of Langley, B.C. Over these last three decades we have developed a loyal customer base, ranging from sawmills and other heavy industries, to local electrical contractors both near and far. These customers go out of their way to get to us for two simple reasons:

THEY SAVE MONEY by buying top quality REFURBISHED electrical products (as opposed to paying top dollar for new wholesale items; and they often CAN'T FIND what they're looking for anywhere else! We have THREE DECADES worth of equipment in our warehouse - chances are we have what you're looking for, and if not, we can probably help you find it.

We've also been expanding our range to cover the, via both eBay and the "SURPLUS RECORD" which is an industry-specific trade magazine that has literally skyrocketed due to email and the Internet.

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