MDC 600V & QED Switchboard

MDC 600V & QED Switchboard

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MDC 600V & QED Switchboard, 3 phases 4 wires, Outdoor NEMA 3R, System SCC Rating - 65 kA RMS, MainDevice AMPS - 2000 A, Maximum Supply Rating - 2000 A, Interrupting Capacity (Max.) - 65 KAIC

There are Three Panels for sale. Transition Cell Panel is the third section coupled to the right side of the Incoming Panel - Main & Metering Panel (Sect 2) and to the transformer’s LV side, while the Outgoing Panel - LV Distribution Panel (Sect 1) is coupled at the other side of Sect 2. Refer to the uploaded sketch with the photos.

Rated Maximum Voltage: 600Y/347 V
Hertz/Phases/Wires: 60/3/4
System SCC Rating: 65 kA RMS
Main Device AMPS: 2000 A
Maximum Supply Rating: 2000 A
Interrupting Capacity (Max.): 65 KAIC
Enclosure: Outdoor NEMA 3R

Three panels are all in the original packages with very good conditions, located in Langley, BC Canada
Shipping Weights: Total Three Pcs in 1800 KG
Transition Cell*: 546 KG
LV Distribution: 574 KG
Main & Metering: 680 KG
Dimensions: 69”X90”X91.5” (Width X Depth X Height) Overall for three pcs assembled together
Transition Cell: 69”X18”X91.5” (WXDXH)
LV Distribution: 69”X36”X91.5” (WXDXH)
Main & Metering: 69”X36”X91.5” (WXDXH)

Serial #36669371-001